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Platform Oriented Web Development | What are Platform Oriented Web Development Services in China?

Platform Oriented Web Development | What are

Platform Oriented Web Development Services in China?

The popular web development platforms used in Platform Oriented Web Development Services in China are enlisted here to provide a brief outline.

Web Development Services in China

Changed communication means has altered the marketing modes for businesses and organizations. It is trendy nowadays to have a website to display your expertise in a particular field and promote your brands and services.
Web development is the process of creating a website. This process includes programming, coding, and publishing of a website. However, it is not that easy as it sounds and requires a lot of expertise and hard work at the backend.


What are Platform Oriented Web Development Services in China?

Though your online presence is essential, having a dull and straightforward website is not going to take you to the mounting heights in this modern era. A website should be well structured and designed, trendy, and well informative. Only then it is going to draw visitors’ and customers’ attention.
Keeping in view to walk with the trends, Web Development involves different platforms to develop a website according to the latest trends and demands of the client. There is a wide range of these platforms and also called web frameworks.
Web development and Web Development Services in China based on these platforms are called Platform Oriented Web Development Services in China.

Platform Oriented Web Development

The platforms or web frameworks that are quite popular in the development process are here as follows.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby or Rails, also known as RoR, is a highly scalable language that is easy to understand and write and ease programming. Hulu, Twitter, etc. are powered by RoR.


Object-oriented, class-based, secured, and high-performance programming framework that provides easy programming for all operating systems.

Angular JS

Angular JS is a JavaScript-based development platform. It is highly structured, dynamic, and functional as well. The notable feature of this language is that it can convert HTML based document into Dynamic content. Google, PayPal, and Microsoft, etc. are using this framework.


ASP.net framework built by Microsoft is preferred worldwide for use in web development. This platform is used to generate Dynamics websites, web pages, and web portals. Mostly run on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.


PHP or Hypertext pre-processor generates dynamic page content.PHP is a server-scripted framework and is widely used for web development as it is more compatible with Apaches and IIS servers. This platform is mostly practiced in the development of an E-commerce website. CakePHP allows the reusing of codes of the older projects and speed up the development process. Facebook, WordPress uses PHP for the backend.


Python is a general-purpose programming language that has enormous library support. Widely practiced in AI and data science. Python powers Instagram and Pinterest.



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